Our primary goal as a specialized rescue squad is to provide assistance to various government and local agencies by locating lost, missing, or overdue persons.  Regardless of the time of year or weather conditions, we are available.  While all of the volunteers of our team are highly trained, no one on our team receives payment for their services.  Each team member must provide his or her own fuel for their vehicles, food for their canines, veterinary bills and any other specialized equipment needed to allow them to complete the search and rescue mission.

Monetary Donations-Any monetary donations for the team allows us to purchase equipment such as helmets, radios, mapping software, etc to help in the mission and during training.  Help us bring that child home safely, or Alzheimer patient we reach just in time.  For every family that we bring closure to, you are with us.  With you generous contribution you become a part of our team and together we can make life changing differences in Kentucky and our surrounding states.

Amazon Rewards-Your regular Amazon shopping could earn us money! Go to smile.amazon.com and select us as your charity.  We will receive a portion of what you spend at no cost to you.

Kroger Rewards-Your regular shopping at Kroger could earn us money! Go to www.Kroger.com and select us as your charity under the community tab.  You will still earn the same coupons and rewards and we will receive a percent of what you spend at no cost to you.

Food Giant-Use your rewards stamps at select locations.

Volunteer-We are always looking for dedicated people to join us with or without a dog!

How You Can Help

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