• Aggression Tie Test - While dog is tied to a post.  A dog is walked by twice.  We should see no aggression. (Play bark is OK)
  • Simple Retrieve test - 5 short tosses (25 yards)  Dog doesn't have to bring toy back (use a long line if needed)  We just want to make sure that he stays engaged in the task.
  • Toy Possession Test - Get the dog interested in a Toy and let them have it.  They must stay engaged with the toy for 60 seconds
  • Hunt Drive Test -  We want to make sure that the dog will stay engaged with the task at hand.  Throw a toy into the weeds.  Hold the dog for 5 seconds and then let them go. Go up to 15 seconds then 30 seconds.  During one of these retrieves the dog must hunt for 1 minute non stop.
  • Rubble Test - We are checking to make sure that the dog has no issues with their footing.  We want them to walk over rubble without being nervous.

How we Test

We are also looking for calm/laid back dogs between 1-2 years old that might be good candidates for Service Dogs.

Four Rivers K9

Search, Rescue & Recovery

We would like to give a special Thank You to the Search Dog Foundation in Ojai, California.  They have allowed us to share these video clips with you.  For more information about them you can find their website at www.searchdogfoundation.org


We are constantly looking for dogs that will fit into our program.

If you have a dog that can pass this test, please let us know.  He could be the next search and rescue Hero.