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K9 Team 

Founded in 2004, Four Rivers K9 Search, Rescue and Recovery Team, is a non-profit community organization made up of volunteers who have a unified interest in developing greater skills for themselves and their dogs in K9 training and handling techniques in all aspects of search, rescue, and recovery. We come together as a group to assist any community with the use of canines, whether it is for training within the community, searching for missing or lost persons, identifying evidence, recovering human remains, or educating the community on the benefits of when and where canines may be utilized.

-Land and water search operations
-Lost, missing or overdue children, hunters, campers
-Alzheimer or dementia patients
-Urban search and structural collapse
-Natural disasters
-Confined space recovery
-Human remains detection
-Evidence recovery

When requested by local authorities, Four Rivers responds quickly and efficiently to tri-state area calls.  It is important if and when the need arises, you contact your local law enforcement agency quickly and ask for our assistance.

Search and Rescue


501-c3 Non-Profit