Four Rivers K9

Search, Rescue & Recovery

Rescue:  Many of our working dogs start between the ages of 6 months and 3 years old.  We scout local and regional kennels, shelters or breeders to find the best K9's that have the correct drive and temperament to train in various forms of service.  These dogs are tested using a series of fundamental drive, aggression, and focus test.  These tests can be further viewed on our "How we Select Dogs" page.

Training:  After testing and selection, our K9's are then placed in the program most appropriate for their skill and potential.  We determine what the K9's training and area of focus will be based on how they perform during tests.  All K9's will be placed into three areas:

           1.  Search and Rescue - Track/Trail or Human Remains Detection

                   -Land and water search operations
                   -Lost, missing or overdue children, hunters, campers
                   -Alzheimer or dementia patients
                   -Urban search 
                   -Natural disasters
                   -Human remains detection
                   -Evidence recovery

            2.  AKC Canine Good Citizen obedience training and certification
Each area has different training styles, different time required to complete training, and different fundamentals involved.  For example a search and rescue -Track/trail dog must be a high energy, well driven K9 that won't give up even in extreme conditions or with distractions.  Another example would be a gentle, calm, and comforting K9 that gives love and support to a young child. 

When requested by local authorities, Four Rivers K9 responds quickly and efficiently to tri-state area calls.  It is important if and when the need arises, you contact your local law enforcement agency quickly and ask for our assistance.

About Four Rivers Search and Rescue